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West 13th Salon - Company Core Values

We Take Ownership

We take personal responsibility for the action and discipline required to become the best version of ourselves. We show respect and gratitude for each other. We own our mistakes and talk about them in an honest way and apologize versus blaming others. We acknowledge that if we aren't moving forward, we are moving backward. We live in abundance choosing to acknowledge that our mindset is the only thing holding us back. We show up looking the part with humility, on time, prepared, and ready to engage with everyone in our path. We let go of what happened and realign with ourselves to act according to our values. We circle back if there is a need for clarity or amends. We are each responsible for the energy we bring into the room, meeting, or situation so we manage our emotional reactivity. We share responsibility coming together for the greater good of the team.

We Give Grace

We give and receive feedback in a kind and clear way. We pick up the slack without complaint, knowing that our team will also help pick up my slack when I fall short. We remember that we are all fighting our own battles and we approach every conversation with love at the forefront.

We Choose Courage Over Comfort

We talk to each other, not about each other. We face difficult tasks and conversations rather than avoiding them. We welcome all education with open mindedness, positivity, and gratitude. We respect everyone's time and respond to everything in a time frame that shows respect and care. We take strategic initiative versus always waiting for direction. We practice integrity by choosing to do what exceeds expectations over what is fast, fun, easy, or what's always been done. We do what we say we are going to do.

We Empower Others Through Servant Leadership

We practice gratitude with our guests, team, and our role in this company. We make the time to verbally recognize and do generous things for our team and guests. We are fully engaged. You won't hear us saying things like "It's not my job" or "I don't care" or showing up in any way that indicates that we don't care. We approach work with possibility and positivity, knowing it's better for me and those around me.

We Enter The Arena Naked

We want accountability and lean into the feedback our team and guests have for us. We don't "Ice" them after rough feedback. We have direct conversations with people rather than talking about them to others, relying on back channel conversations, or pretending we all agree in the name of "being polite". We don't take the easy way out of conversations. We believe trust is built through radical conversations. We are open to new ideas and embrace change.

Full & Part Time Positions Available

  • Front Desk Salon Coordinators
  • Experienced & Licensed Cosmetologists
  • Cosmetologists - Newly Licensed or Soon To Be
  • Microblading & Permanent Makeup Artists
  • Estheticians - Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Certified a plus

Compensation & Benefits

  • Flexible Schedule with Paid Time Off
  • Paid Training
  • Advanced Education Opportunities Ongoing
  • 4 Ways Our Service Providers Are Paid: Base Hourly Guarantee/Service Commission, Retail Commission, Quarterly Bonuses, and Gratuity
  • Six Figure Career Path with Daily Game Plan for Goal Setting and Goal Accomplishment Analysis
  • Supportive Team Culture created by our company's mission, vision, and core values
  • Quarterly Team Bonding Events
  • 2x month direct deposit
  • Pay Increases
  • Closed on Sundays

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