Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Life Isn’t Perfect But Your Hair Can Be.

What Are Cinderella Hair Extensions?

Cinderella hair is 100% real human hair. Hair extensions can be used for adding length and thickness to create a natural look. Our extension specialists go through extensive training with our salon owner, who teaches certification classes worldwide. Our team will blend the extensions into your natural hair following application for a seamless transition. There is no damage to your natural hair and many even notice that it even protects your natural hair while you grow it out. 

How Does A Hair Extension Consultation Work? 

Before we order and apply the extensions we have you come in for a complimentary consultation where one of our extension specialists will go through all our different options and find one that suits you and your lifestyle. Then, they will match your hair color, length, and texture so they blend in perfectly with your natural hair. After the consultation, if we don’t have the extension color in stock,  we will order the extensions for you and book your application appointment. The best part is of course the day of your transformation when you get to see it all come together!

What if Extensions are Just Out of My Budget Right Now?

We have a couple different options for payment with our extensions. You can get on our payment plan which is the full head total, broken down into three smaller payments. The first of which you will pay on the day of the consultation, and the other two payments are made on the fifteen of the following two months. We also have another option where you just split the cost in half and pay two individual payments, one at time of order and the second on the day of application.

What Are the Different Application Methods?

There are 6 different methods of application, including Classics, T-Hair, T-Hair Pro, I-Hair, Flat Tip I-Hair, Veil, Strips, and Clip-Ins. There are also different textures within each method including, straight, body wave, and euro-wavy.

My Hair is a Different Texture, Do I Have to Curl it Every Morning?

Cinderella Hair has many textures to match many different hair types. There is straight for those with straight hair, body wave for those who have a little bit of movement to their natural hair, and there is also euro wavy for those who have curly hair. 

  1. Classic Bond: A protein bond is liquified around the hair shaft to hug the cuticle of the hair using low heat. This method requires the least amount of in salon maintenance. They last anywhere between four to six months with proper care.
  2. T-Hair: This method is a tape in extension that is applied by using a section of the natural hair that is sandwiched in between the two extensions using heat. Tape ins will need a move up every 4 weeks.
  3. T-Hair Pro: Similar to the regular T-Hair but has a smaller bond and it does not require heat for application. This also needs to have a move up every 4 weeks. 
  4. I-Hair: This method is a single strand extension, which is applied using a silicone lined link. This method is reusable and long lasting as well.  It only needs to be moved up once every 3 months. No heat is used to apply I-Hair.
  5. Flat Tip I-Hair: Similar to I-Hair but it sits flat against the head to create density. This method also only needs to be moved up every 3 months. No heat is used in the application of Flat Tip I-Hair
  6. Veil: This method is a double layered extension which is cut down to be customized to each person’s head shape. It is also applied using links and needs to be moved up every 4-6 weeks. No heat is used in the application of the Veil.
  7. Strips: This method of extension is perfect for someone with a busy schedule. It applies quickly and lasts up to 6 months with resets every 6 weeks. Strips use links for application and they are customizable for each individual’s head shape.
  8. Clip-Ins: Easy to put in when you want, and take out when you don’t want them in.

Do I Need To Use Special Products On My Extensions?

We recommend that you use the Cinderella Hair Extensions line of products on your extensions. There is shampoo, conditioner, PH balancer, a leave in mist, and a sooper looper brush in this line. However, although we do recommend you use these products, you do not have to. There are certain ingredients that you need to stay away from that are in some hair products. It is recommended to avoid ingredients including  glycerin, lanolin, and silicone.