We're an Environmentally Conscious Salon

We're an Environmental Conscious Salon 

At West 13th Salon we choose hair color and products that are people and planet friendly. Eufora and Kevin Murphy product lines are both focused on reducing their carbon footprint. The bottles of our Kevin Murphy products are made out of 100% recycled ocean waste plastic. Eufora bottles are biodegradable. Kevin Murphy products proudly carry the PETA symbol, as they are animal cruelty free. Eufora shampoo’s and conditioner’s are created with pure essential oils and certified organic, pharmaceutical grade, aloe vera gel for incredible results on the hair and scalp. 

We're a Green Circle Certified Salon

Did you know that the beauty industry creates over 877 pounds of waste every single minute?

We are proud to be part of the Waste Warrior Movement, recycling and recovering up to 95% of our beauty waste. 

We ship our waste including our hair clippings, foils, and our excess color to our Green Circle Salons, where they take our recycled products and transform them into new materials. 

What Happens with the Hair After Being Shipped?

The hair is composted with other organic materials, and then is turned into mats which absorb oil spills in the oceans to keep the water safe for animals.

What is the Excess Color Recycled and Used For?

After being shipped our extra color is made into water, oil, or turned into clean energy. The water gets cleaned and returned into the water supply and the oil is blended and turned into fuel. 

What Are The Foils Made Into?

The foils are first sorted through and melted down into aluminum sheets. Then these sheets are used to make new products such as bicycle parts or even car parts. 

We Use Pure Essential Oils

In our salon we carry a variety of essential oils that we also use to enhance our guests experience by diffusing them to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Our shampoo’s and conditioner’s contain pure essential oil blends as well. The essential oils are 100% pure and the Eufora candles are as well. 

Essential oils can be used in a number of different ways such as through a diffuser, massage, inhalation, topical application, or through a soothing bath. They are used for therapeutic benefit to find balance, joy, and peace in your busy and hectic life. 

They contain the ‘essence’ of the plant in which they are extracted from. The Eufora essential oils are not used for topical use (use on skin) unless diluted first.